Review of Jurassic World

Sequels have a well deserved reputation of not living up to the original. Relatively recent movies like the Spiderman series and the LOR and Batman trilogies have  bucked the trend. Avengers the Age of Ultron relapsed back and I am not even going talk about Harry Potter series. In that sense, Jurassic World never made the mark. But then again I did not expect it to. The first movie took on the hardest challenge of brining dinosaurs back to life. Once they are alive, any subsequent plot is going to be less significant.

JW has its fair share of pluses and minuses. Straight to the short comings then Jarvis and the movie is rife with them!

The characterization is absolutely dismal. Apart from the lead actor, not one single persona is developed properly and stereotyping is rife! The main let downs are

Masrani – The character of the man running the theme park (which of course is fully functional and open to the public) is one of the weakest in the movie. This is saying something since this is the guy who has taken over from John Hammond around whom the plot for first movie was built. No background is developed apart from a passing reference to a conversation with Hammond, does not have a philosophy necessary for a character with such significance, does not intervene in any fashion into the course of the events that unfold and any decision that he makes at all is completely contradictory to his pervious one. And I don’t understand why the Hollywood is keen on accentuating the Indian accent to the point of making dialogs unintelligible. Life of Pi made this mistake and JW sadly follows suite.

Claire – The lead actress is stereotyped to be a pretty girl without brains so much so that its not funny by any stretch of imagination (though the apparently the audience around me loved this). The first movie portrayed Dr. Ellie Sattler as a strong and intelligent scientist (In a male dominated profession – a point which the movie brings out in a wonderful fashion) who influences the course of the plot significantly. Here we have Claire, who’s just interested in numbers (and no she’s not classy enough to be considered a genius with them as well) running around without doing anything at all. It was actually painful to watch her scramble for cover behind Owen petrified and the boys snubbing her offer of protection, deferring to Owen instead.

HoskinsLoweryBarry and Dr. Henry Wu – The compulsory military guy, computer operator, sidekick and the scientist in the movie. Compare this lot with Robert MuldoonDennis NedryDonald Gennaro and Ray Arnold and you know that the movie leaves a lot to be desired.

Characters on one side, the movie is also full of factual inconsistencies of the kind that any solid movie simply cannot afford to have.

The secret gene sequence – When the Indominus Rex is introduced, the genetic make up is revealed to be based on TRex and another half which was supposed to be classified. It is absurd in the extreme why it should be classified (which is not dwelt into). I mean, they were definitely not planning on introducing dragons!! As the movie goes on it becomes apparent why and voila, what else could it be other than velociraptor genes!! Then you will being to understand that the whole reason why it should be classified is to construct one small scene towards the end when the raptors turn against their human trainers.

Usain lightning Bolt – Everyone in this movie outrun dinosaurs almost three times their height without breaking a sweat. You’d exit the hall with a vague but definite suspicion that dinosaurs were as slow as sloth bears if not slower.

Fort Knox – No one bothers to explain why the tourists are enjoying some sunshine with a margarita for Heavens’ sake when a clear warning to seek shelter was issued hours earlier. No mention is being made of evacuating them to a storm shelter at the very least (One should think that the park must have one of them given that things did not exactly go smoothly the last time they had a storm in the first movie)

Look ma I have a gun!– One cannot help but laugh when Owen goes to rescue the boys from the most fearsome dinosaur to walk the earth (which could give trained killers nightmares by just the sight of it) with a gun that a moose which is being hunted would have sneered at!

Strangely with so much at fault, I felt satisfied coming out of the movie. In retrospect I guess its down the velociraptors! Every sequence that they were a part of was thrilling! be it at training or at hunt, they captured my imagination and kept me on the edge of my seat. The graphics were stunning and well composed. Chris Pratt has done a decent job as Owen; one of the few bright spots in the movie apart from the kids. But at in the end, its John Williams‘ immortal sound track that leaves with you when you walk out of that hall.

Quote for the day,

“[seeing the Brachiosaur for the first time] Uh… it’s… it’s a dinosaur!” – Dr. Alan Grant in The Jurassic park!


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