Things that I have found to be true

Having been a software engineer for four years now and having switched jobs recently, here are a few of my hypotheses about work that have held till now.

  1. It is easy to complain about boring work. Doing so and acting pissed off is self satisfying. But it will eventually bite you as more interesting work will go to someone else unless you keep yourself in the loop.
  2. Its not a sin to be slow, it is a sin to not be curious.
  3. Never say its not my job. Make it your job.
  4. Be conscious of your neighbor’s time.
  5. If you do not understand something, it *is* going to come back to bite you.
  6. Being correct is important. Fooling around will only take you so far.
  7. Technology *is* going to change regardless of whether you like it or not. Fundamentals don’t. They guide you through the changing tech landscape.
  8. Great developers in one technology *will always master* other ones quickly.
  9. Ignorance with regards to what the other person is doing outside of code *is* bliss.
  10. All said and done, software still is a an interesting line of work once you challenge and push yourself.


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