Why use open source operating systems

The scope of the post is just to convince you to use open source operating systems for your personal laptop or desktop. You might be using operating systems at different settings like servers etc where various other forces come into play.

The most reasonable

  1. Runs on your hardware. Not the ones they “recommend”.
  2. Lesser lock down compared other operating systems
  3. Constantly evolving and exciting
  4. More chance that more people who know their stuff are looking at your code. And no, just because it is from Apple, I don’t agree that the developers over there necessarily “know” what they are staring at.
  5. Software in your language(human).
  6. A chance to be a part of a diverse community. You will find all kinds of software from toy programs to the same systems that power a huge enterprise.

The niche

  1. If you don’t trust the compiled binary, compile it from the source yourself. NSA anyone?
  2. More opportunities to configure it the way you want it. Example, you want to use some flags when starting applications using the launcher like chrome flags.

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