Why huddles are counter productive

Agile teams make decisions decisions regarding technologies, method etc in huddles. There is usually one driver who would explore something new and then “present” in the huddle. The team then makes a “collective” decision.

This is counter productive. The reason is, usually, the loudest member gets to have their say even though they have not had anything to do with tech in question. The choices then are made based on the personal preferences of the loudest member.

Decisions should be made and questioned by the members who have spent a lot of time with the technology in question. It is they who understand the subtleties of the particular problem at hand.  It is possible that they get too muddled up with the details and fail to see the big picture. In which case, someone who has worked on “similar” areas could offer “guidance”. In case of subjective arguments, the decision made by the person with the most context should always win.


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