Write it out

Late last year, I blogged about the amount of time that I spent consuming information relative to the amount I spent in creating new information. Since then, I have been blogging on and off, mostly about the things that I do at work. I find it pointless to talk about anything else, since the greater part of my day is spent programming and solving problems.

Following this very interesting post by Mark Needham, a fellow Thoughtworker, I’ve decided to spend a little more time blogging. There are three main objectives that I hope to accomplish, by blogging more regularly.

Practice clear thinking

It is very easy when involved in thought work, to go  down multiple rabbit holes and end up clueless about the thing you have been working on at the end of the day. Explaining your thoughts clearly to someone goes a long way in helping you stay focused and coordinated. The clarity of thought is directly correlated to the clarity of explanation. Writing it out also helps prevent, going around in loops when designing a solution for the problem you are trying to solve.

Document knowledge

I have been very lucky to have a chance to work with some very gifted people at Thoughtworks. I have met people posses such tremendous clarity of thought about subjects far and wide, that one cannot help feeling humbled. Trying put their knowledge into words I hope, will put me into a mindset to recognize recurring forms and patterns and eventually help me in my practice of software engineering.

Mine patterns

Once I have written something out on a sufficiently permanent medium, it is always there for me to go back to and re-read it. This way, I hope that I will be able to see patterns in things that I have been working on which were previously obscure. It just like a good book that one goes back to and comes out with new ideas no matter how many times we re-read it.

Reading Mark’s blog has given me insights into clear writing, and by extension clear thinking, which are the subject matter of another post.


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