The next Commit

When I code, I have observed that I often start thinking about multiple aspects of the code I’m reading; “should this be here?”, “should this test be present?”, “are we doing the right thing?” , “what is the use of refactoring?”, “is Yangi not the right thing?” etc. This sorta leaves me un-coordinated for a while, it feels like I’m doing some random things and the end of the day, I dont feel satisfied with the work I do on most days.

To prevent this, some sort of streamlining is essential and as an experiment, I’m going to try to come up with the very next commit that I should make. If I hit upon an Idea, I’m going to analyse whether the idea fits into this commit. If it does, I will take it up, else, I will mark it down for a later commit. I will post the outcome of this experiment as soon as I have some data points.

META: The format that this post follows seems to be a good pattern to think in. <Context><Candidate Solution><Result> need to look more into this.


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