What math?

I was recently reading this article which i found through Hacker news. The author makes an argument for having mathematics, as a subject in the high school curriculum of what, I assume to be United States.

The argument amounts to this, having math in high school is an essential skill for doing every day activities such as balacing check books etc. While having math is necessary for doing these, one is bound to question, if it is sufficient. I have learnt algebra myself, well, to be more precise, I had algebra as one of the subjects through high scool, and through college, yet, I question the value of the existence of the subject in my curriculum.

Change, of scene. I am staring at the check from KFC, Its a combined bill of all the items that me and my firends had odered. In my mind, I still have to go through the sequences of math one by one to split the bill. Having algebra in the curriculum is supposed to make the process a bit simpler, yet still here I am, struggling with the basic problem.

My conclusion. Just having math in the curriculum changes nothing. As the saying goes, “There is no use in learning a new language, unless it changes your perspective”, applies to math in qual measure.


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